We invite you to experience what worship is supposed to be like: authentic, loving, sacramental, intelligent and non-judgmental. Never shallow. Deep calls to deep.

Every Wednesday 7pm

Worship With Us

Worship with us and surround yourself with a community of students exploring how God is working in our midst.

The Table
Each week we share together in communion. We believe that in that simple meal we meet God, and one another, in amazing ways.

Worship with us Every Wednesday 
Our Charlotte community has experienced a tragic event and a series of unfortunate situations as a result. The root cause of these racial and justice issues are deep. The Christian faith bears a responsibility and has a word to speak. We cannot ignore this issue any longer and we must work toward peacemaking, reform, listening to one another, and combating injustice in our institutions, organizations and systems. Starting October 12 at Niner United, we will take a deep looking into what it means to really change. That conversion is not simply a word to speak or a belief to believe, but that it actually requires affective, intellectual, moral, societal and transformative change. As Jesus said in Matthew 19:27, there must be a “renewal of all things.”

Join the Worship Team

There are multiple opportunities for you to join us in ministering to others through the Worship Team.

Music or Tech
If you play an instrument or sing, or would like to help with sound or video tech, let us know here.

Worship Leadership
Every week we also have plenty of opportunities for students to share, serve communion and more. If you are interested in helping, let us know here.


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