Student Resources


Whether you’re experiencing moments of joy or facing challenging times, Niner United is with you every step of the way. We’re here to offer support, care, and comfort to every member of our campus family during all of life’s ups and downs. If you’re navigating health challenges or coping with the loss of someone dear, we have special programs designed to help and support you through these times.

How Can We Pray for You?


Niner United is committed to praying for our community. If you have a prayer request, we encourage you to fill out our confidential online prayer request form here.

Care and Counseling


We offer a safe and welcoming space to support the personal, emotional, and mental well-being of all UNC Charlotte students. Our team understands the diverse challenges and stressors of college life and is here to help. At Niner United, you’ll find not only pastoral support but also access to licensed counselors who are ready to provide individual and group therapy, as well as urgent counseling when needed.

Our pastoral care is complimentary, easily accessible, and adept at addressing a variety of concerns. For those requiring more extensive, long-term support, we recommend consulting with one of our counselors. Your first session is free, and any follow-up individual sessions are offered at a very affordable rate. Our counselors will also assist you with navigating insurance and scholarship options if necessary. Niner United’s ministry is committed to being accessible and supportive, ensuring you receive the care you need throughout your time at UNC Charlotte.

Pastoral Staff

Steve Cheyney | 704-659-1455 | 

Cailee Franklin | 704-659-1455 | cailee@ninerunited,org 


Counseling Staff

Tiffaney Williams-Fuller | 980-880-5154 | 

Kelly O’Donnell | (704) 237-0256 |


Christine F. Price Center for Counseling and Psychological Services

Niner United works with and also highly recommends UNC Charlotte CAPS. CAPS now utilizes a same-day access model; To speak with a counselor, stop by our office or call 704-687-0311. Please note that you can meet with a counselor Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM. All CAPS services are free of charge. 

Other Wellness Resources


At Niner United, we understand that academic stress, sleep issues, balancing responsibilities, life events, relationship challenges, and feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, or depression can be overwhelming. If you or someone you know is struggling, we encourage you to seek support.

Addressing Food Insecurity:

To support students facing this challenge, UNC Charlotte provides the Jamil Niner Student Pantry located at 1224 John Kirk Road. For current hours and more information about the pantry’s services, please visit

Meeting Basic Needs:

UNC Charlotte recognizes basic needs as essentials that, when unmet, can impede a student’s ability to concentrate and succeed academically. These needs encompass food and housing security, transportation, health and wellbeing, technology access, and childcare. If you’re experiencing difficulties in any of these areas, we encourage you to contact the Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) Office. They can guide you through both campus and community resources. Additionally, you can visit the Niner Needs website at for a comprehensive list of resources aimed at supporting student needs.

Reading the Bible Better


The Bible stands authoritative in matters of faith and practice, encapsulating God’s awe-inspiring acts of salvation. It narrates the story of creation, God’s unwavering interaction with humanity over the ages, and most importantly, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It serves as the essential guide to understanding God’s nature and intentions. Yet, in your journey through the Bible, have you found yourself pondering why Paul advised women to remain silent in church, or whether Adam and Eve were real historical figures? Are you intrigued by the real significance of the book of Revelation, or curious about the process of selecting the books that comprise the Bible? These questions naturally emerge as you explore deeper into the scriptures. Our goal at Niner United is to assist you in gaining a more profound comprehension of the Bible. Through our worship services and small groups, we strive to help you discern God’s voice within this sacred text, uncovering not just deep insights but also transformative, life-affirming truths. Here we have provided more resources for you to study the Bible on your own.

The Bible Project: The Bible Project is an excellent free resource that helps people understand the most basic Bible concepts, through book introductions, visual commentaries, theme-based references, and Bible reading plans.

The Bible for Normal People: The Bible for Normal People creates a safe place to dive deeper into the Bible without fear, and is inclusive of LGBTQ people, women, BIPOC, disabled people, and other diverse religious voices and backgrounds.

Enter the Bible: Enter the Bible, a project of Luther Seminary, is an excellent site to explore specific Biblical passages for deeper meaning. 

Oxford Biblical Studies Online: Oxford Biblical Studies, from Oxford University Press, offers a comprehensive range of tools and materials for studying the Bible and its world

Free Books: As a UNC Charlotte student, you have access to excellent books free of charge. We will be searching the catalog for reputable authors and add them here. Here’s a start:

Daily Devotions & Spiritual Formation


Sometimes we just need a place to turn for an encouraging word. Here are some resources we like:

God Pause: God Pause is a daily devotion brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary

GPS Daily: GPS Daily is a daily devotion produced by the Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City.

Revised Common Lectionary: The Revised Common Lectionary is a three-year cycle of weekly scripture readings, widely used in Christian worship, that covers much of the Bible and aligns with the church’s calendar.

The Spiritual Disciplines: The Spiritual Disciplines are the practices of Jesus that have been recognized for centuries as the core activities of a faithful life.

The Daily Office: The Daily Office is a set of structured prayers and scripture readings used in various Christian traditions intended to be prayed at regular intervals throughout the day to provide a rhythm of worship and devotion.

What We Care About


Have you ever felt uncertain about what beliefs to embrace or stances to adopt as a Christian? Navigating the complexities of faith can be challenging. At Niner United, we are dedicated to following God’s call for social justice and peace. To aid in this journey, Niner United is supported by four distinct denominations, each with its own dedicated office focusing on social concerns. Below, you’ll find links to these offices, which serve as exceptional resources for understanding the Christian perspective on a range of critical issues. These include civil and human rights, environmental justice, poverty, the rights of women and children, healthcare concerns, and the criminal justice system, among others.

Episcopal: Office of Government Relations

Lutheran: Publicly Engaged Church

Presbyterian: Office of Public Witness

United Methodist: Church and Society