Mission & BELIEFS


The mission of Niner United is to connect students to God, to others, and to life-changing experiences so that they can live faith-filled lives.


We hold to the historic truths of the Christian faith as taught by the Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Methodist Churches. More about these beliefs can be found directly from their websites. 

A Voice of Hope

Niner United strives to be UNC Charlotte’s voice of hope and an inclusive ministry that welcomes everyone. We want students to know they are loved by God, to love Jesus, and do something about it. We are a ministry that engages in hard conversations, and in our programs, students should always feel stress-free, not judged, able to ask anything, and freely disagree with one another because love wins.

You Have A Purpose

You were created by God with a real purpose in mind! Sure we have flaws and have much to work on, but we need to be constantly reminded that God created us with a purpose, loves us and gives us value. We aim to continually remind you of how important you and emphasize the world’s need for you. We’re here to lend a hand and assist you in discovering this unique purpose.


5 Things to Expect

  1. Relaxed: We try to make sure everything we do at Niner United is stress-free. It’s important to us that you can come to anything we offer and feel at home.
  2. Diverse: We celebrate diversity and want to make sure every student knows they are absolutely welcome at Niner United. No matter your race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or faith background, everyone is welcome.
  3. Real: We won’t pretend to have everything together. Everyone of us deals with stuff and so we come to worship and our events with a sense of humility and need before God.
  4. Informal: Our worship is very informal. You don’t have to have any church experience, and you won’t be asked to do anything odd or be put on the spot. 
  5. Fun: While we take our spiritual journey seriously, we also know how to have fun!