We Care

At Niner United our staff and leaders are available to provide support when life becomes challenging.

Niner United Leaders Care

If you or someone you know is in need of care, please contact our offices at 704-659-1455. You can call and leave a voicemail, or text us. If it is important, but not urgent, you can email us at leader@ninerunited.org. Let us know as much as possible so we can best help you. We are eager to help students, faculty, and staff to discover every resource that may be helpful in your your spiritual journey.

Destructive Religious Groups

Members of destructive cults make it their business to “run into” potential recruits on a campus in students’ natural surroundings. Any combination of the following signs may indicate cult involvement:

  • profound personality change
  • alienation from family and former friends combined with judgmentalism toward them
  • deterioration in academic performance
  • rejection of formerly deeply-held beliefs
  • arrogance toward those who hold beliefs formerly held by the cult member (patronizing and judgmental) and evidence of excessive dualistic (“right/wrong”) thought
  • preoccupation with proselytization
  • unusual scrupulosity regarding one’s own and others’ behaviors and beliefs
  • group control of personal decisions (e.g., where and with whom to live, who may have “spiritual authority” over the person, whom to date/marry, whether to date/marry at all, what discipline to major in); evidence of especially tight control by one or two persons over an individual’s life
  • deterioration of critical independent thought/loss of autonomy and ability to make decisions for oneself physical and/or serious psychological deterioration

If you are approached, be polite but firm. You have the right to say “no” and to refuse all invitations and overtures. Do not try to debate with cult members or recruits. It’s never productive, since they have decided in advance that anyone outside their group is wrong, sinful, or an enemy. Exercise good judgment and be careful with groups which are suspiciously vague about their affiliation and purposes. Remember that it is characteristic of destructive cults to use “front” names for their organizations, publications, and group residences, so their identities are not always immediately apparent.