Our Story

We are united by a common mission: to help students discover abundant life in Jesus Christ by equipping them to live consequential lives of faith.

A brief history of Niner United

Niner United is Charlotte’s Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Methodist Campus Ministry. These four denominations have collaborated for many years to make campus ministry at UNC Charlotte possible. Our first campus minister, Rev. Dr. Loy Witherspoon, started in 1965. Loy was a New Testament expert and recruited to UNC Charlotte by Miss Bonnie Cone. Niner United was the first campus ministry at UNC Charlotte and the only one to have withstood the test of time. Witherspoon Hall at UNC Charlotte is named in his memory.

What folks are saying...

“Bishop McCleskey was my predecessor and both of us celebrate what happens at UNC Charlotte and this campus ministry, which really is a model…of what needs to be happening in more and more communities and on more and more campuses.”  – United Methodist Bishop Larry Goodpaster (Retired)

“The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina is regularly impressed, but not surprised, at the quality and impact of the work of Cooperative Christian Ministry. I am very much aware of the positive impact of the presence of this campus ministry…with students, faculty and the University.” – Episcopal Bishop William Gregg, Diocese of North Carolina (Retired) 

“We point to UNC Charlotte and Niner United, this is the flagship ecumenical campus ministry.” – Rev. Phil Tonnesen, Assistant to the Bishop, NC Lutheran Synod 

“Cooperative Christian Ministry is the most effective model of campus ministry I’ve seen. It is acknowledged as providing notable support to students in need, regardless of faith, lack of faith, or denominational affiliation.” – Beth Hardin, Former Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, UNC Charlotte 

“Students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have come to know Niner United as a dynamic campus ministry that reaches hundreds of students weekly…Niner United is a voice of hope and a light of love.” – Mary Lynne Calhoun, Dean Emeritus, College of Education, UNC Charlotte