Faith Formation

At the heart of Niner United is an active and diverse community of students.

We hope to help the UNC Charlotte community to become more loving, joy-filled, peaceful, gentle, and kind. Therefore, each month we will be focusing on an issue that is important to our community with a discussion-style presentation from a progressive faith perspective.


FYI (First Year In)

A gathering of just first year students that studies the Bible, goes out for fun (like Hornets games), and volunteers in the community. Subscribe to our eNews for specific location updates.


Small Groups

Every week Niner United small groups meet on and off campus. The groups range from Bible studies, to vocational and infinity groups, to groups that play disc golf, basketball, or just regularly meet for fellowship. Subscribe to our eNews for specific location updates.


Music Ministry 

If you are looking for a way to use your God given musical talents, like lead worship, play guitar, keys, vocals, or any other instrument, you should join our music ministry team. Please let us know here if you are interested. 


Pastoral Care

If you are facing a difficult time, you can always reach out to our staff to talk. We can provide pastoral care and guidance, and if necessary, help you find professional counseling or assistance. College is also a time when some of your most important decisions are made. Our staff can assist you with pre-marital counseling, weddings, and baptisms. 

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