Spring Break - Montana

March 3-10



Youth Development

Despite the poverty, levels of depression, substance abuse, violence, crime, and high rates of teen suicide on the Blackfeet Reservation God is present. Sometimes our pain masks the presence of God. But Jesus suffers with us. In the high schools, we will help students find ways to discover God’s “prevenient” grace. But this is tricky. This can’t be overt in public schools. So, we will be present to teach on RESILIENCE, VOCATIONAL DISCERNMENT, MINDFULNESS, and LEADERSHIP. David Brooks’ book The Road to Character will be an important tool in this process. The program will be Ten Things College Will Teach You, which compares the skills one needs to survive college and become successful in life as compared to the skills to survive the reservation and not get killed.

Liberation Theology & Social Justice

The Bible points to the issues of freedom, poverty, and justice. The poor, marginalized, oppressed, domineered, imprisoned, widows, children, and neglected are on God’s heart and should be on ours. Christians ought to challenge these divisions and fight for justice. Amos 5:24 says that all people deserve justice and it should be so abundant that it “flows like a river.” The plight of the Blackfeet is systemic and challenging. This will test your faith.

Environment & Theology

The Blackfeet Reservation rests on the edge of Glacier National Park. Our icecaps are melting and we have hurt God’s beautiful planet. During this trip, we will study how a faithful life intersects with creation care and ecological justice.

Your shots should be up-to-date. If you take prescription medications, bring enough to last the entire trip. If you have a mental illness or a physical disability please let our staff know before your trip. If you have any special needs (medical condition, food allergies, or other special requirements) please let us know before your trip. Everyone should bring their own mini medical kit in their carry-on. The tribal hospital is twenty-five miles from our lodging, and can only be used in dire emergencies. The closest store is also twenty-five miles away and may be hard to reach depending on the amount of snowfall.


Once we arrive in Great Falls, Montana the group will go to Wal-Mart for food and supplies for the week. The drive from Great Falls to Heart Butte is rural and will take nearly three hours.


We will stay in the church which accommodates groups with bunkbeds and showers. We take extra precautions and lay down strict ground rules to ensure safety. Crime occurs in these locations just like everywhere else, but we have never had a team experience an incident of crime. Our genuine partnership with pastors and other community leaders in these locations ensure there is always someone looking out for the well-being of our teams.


We will make our own meals.


  • Depart March 3 12:40pm CHARLOTTE -> MINNEAPOLIS -> GREAT FALLS, MT 9:10pm
  • Depart March 10 2:30pm GREAT FALLS -> SALT LAKE CITY -> CHARLOTTE 11:45pm
  • Hold March 11 available in case of flight delays, winter weather



Average low: 19°

Average high: 38°

Record Low: -38° (1951)

Record High: 72° (1939)

Average precipitation: 0.9”


Expected Costs

When we post a trip cost, it includes: airfare ($560), trip insurance ($40), ground transportation ($55), lodging & food ($275), and mission supplies/expenses ($40). Expenses not covered include: food at airports during travel, telephone surcharges, checked bags, gifts, and items purchased. Expected highest cost: $970 minus a $120 scholarship = $850. The cost may be lowered with group fundraising.


Niner United is committed to helping you raise funds for this trip. We have experienced students on our past Montana trips, and our trips to Haiti, Kenya, and Mexico receive entire scholarships or raise the needed funds without having to pay anything beyond their deposit. It simply takes a commitment on your part to follow through with simple fundraising suggestions.


Register with a $100 deposit. $300 total due by December 1. All funds due February 1, 2018.


To reserve space on the trip, a non-refundable $100 deposit is due when you register. It is non-refundable because this covers the airfare deposit.  If final payment has not been received by the posted date we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. However, your required trip insurance will protect you for certain cancellations.


We will have a pre-trip meeting Sunday January 28, 5pm – 9pm. A pre-trip form is to be completed prior to the January 28 meeting. The form will include a section that must be notarized by a notary public.


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